Client: Global data management and analytics platform company

Event dates

February 21-25, 2016

Number of attendees

650 for SKO; 80 for leadership training

Event location

Las Vegas, Hard Rock Las Vegas

Event goal/objective

Extensive training for entire sales force and one additional day of leadership training for top management

Overview of event deliverables

MFactor provided full event management services.  Our deliverables included but were not limited to:

  • destination/site search and hotel contracting
  • budget development and timeline management
  • pre-event planning
  • website registration build and execution
  • onsite management and execution
  • onsite registration and badging
  • F&B management
  • Transportation
  • Sponsor reception coordination
  • Hospitality Desk and onsite staffing
  • production oversite
  • final reconciliation


Change in leadership – Initial contracting with the hotel occurred a year in advance. Operations and logistical preplanning was to begin in earnest three to four months prior to program dates. However, a new Vice President of Sales joined the company in November and progress halted while he and his team immersed themselves in the company, introduced new initiatives and reviewed program objectives.   We finally got the green light December 1 with a number of changes to the event profile. We created several contract addendums and revised the timeline and budget accordingly.

One of the key challenges was that the new VPS and his team did not like the destination and the contracted hotel. They felt Las Vegas was too flashy and wanted to subdue the tone as much as possible. We were able to pull the focus away from the “bright lights of Las Vegas” with extensive company and meeting branding.

Additional change in leadership – Our client contact from previous years was once again our same point of communication. However, a month prior to the program, she moved into a sales position in Florida and six different people picked up responsibilities. Having multiple contacts is always a challenge but since we understand the company culture and dynamics we were able to avoid any stumbling blocks.

Delayed event branding – A meeting theme and branding was not developed until a month prior to program operation. We needed to proceed with the registration website development and communicate information about the program so the registration website and all communications took on a generic look and feel.

Increased onsite security – The initial plan was that MFactor staff would scan all attendee badges at the beginning of each session and we staffed accordingly. However, once onsite, the client decided they wanted to more closely track attendance and maximize security. Therefore, our staff members were stationed at the doors throughout every meeting and all badges were scanned whenever anyone went in or out of the room whether for scheduled or unscheduled breaks.  This stretched our staffing but we reviewed the scheduling and revised it accordingly to be able to provide this support.

Overview of key metrics and how success was measured

This client’s SKO was extremely training focused. Its homework element further supported the importance of each attendee taking away a large volume of information.  The feedback was extremely positive on messaging and education. Interaction and networking between attendees and executives was high and idea sharing encouraged.

Did the company get what they wanted from the SKO? Were the new C-level executives welcomed by the sales team and able to share their vision? Were new company strategies clearly identified and embraced by attendees?  The answer was yes to all of the above and the proof will be seen in increased sales over the year ahead.

Highlights of the event

  • App – To encourage networking and interaction, we recommended and developed an app that was used by company executives for real time updates (time, locations, etc.). Attendees also used the app to post comments about meeting content, what they learned and what was valuable. They posted pictures of themselves and associates in front of the branding which created a fun buzz throughout the meeting.
  • Branding – the client wanted to take the focus away from the glitz and glamour of the Hard Rock Las Vegas and accomplished this with extensive branding, signage, elevator clings, podium and pillar wraps, graphics at the front desk and banners. Everything clearly identified the company and event.
  • Sponsor reception – Thirty sponsors/partners hosted a reception the first evening which provided an opportunity for attendees to network and learn more about how they supported the company products. The sponsors were highlighted in the app so attendees could review the profiles in advance and meet with specific representatives as desired.
  • Homework! – Since the focus of the program was extensive training, attendees had homework each evening. We recommended and the client used Command of the Message which helps sales reps develop consultative sales techniques.  

Description of team role

MFactor managed all aspects of this SKO. We worked on this event with the client in 2015 so we had a clear understanding of their expectations. However, as we mentioned a new Vice President of Sales joined the company and he brought new ideas with him. Our partnership relationship with the company reassured him that we “had his back!”


$2 million

All expenditures were within budget.

Timeline to execute

Initial planning began a year in advance.  However, the nuts and bolts of program planning was delayed until December 1—less than six weeks prior to the program—due to the appointment of the new executive.

What would you do differently next time?

While there is always room for improvement, both the client and our team felt the program went flawlessly. Working through a change in leadership presented challenges.  We will also continue to explore new social media opportunities to encourage participation and networking between attendees and executives.