The MFactor Advantage

The nature of our industry and the work we do is that it is a challenging maze of twists and turns and of nuances unique to
each and every program. Whether a user conference, an incentive for your top sellers, a new product launch, an executive
retreat, a partner symposium or any other program, the MFactor Advantage is that we can do it all!


Methodical Site Selection

From San Francisco to Istanbul, MFactor seeks out the perfect location for your company event. We analyze possibilities from a number of standpoints and take into consideration: budget, date and duration of the program, history, past destinations, what you liked or did not like about the location, hotels and many other elements. MFactor’s years of experience as a destination management company bring efficient, appropriate suggestions and guidance to you.


Measurable ROI

Creating a memorable and motivating event is critical; delivering that event within the fiscal constraints of your business is mandatory. MFactor partners with you to understand your budget, match that budget to productive expectations and then develop ways to measure ROI.


Memorable Experiences

Clients want a unique experience built for their company’s individual needs. MFactor understands that it isn’t just the wildest or most “out there” theme that makes the event memorable. It is the flawless execution from start to finish in a manner consistent with the image of your company that leaves a lasting impression. Through creative theme development, logo and branding, websites, mailings, teasers, email blasts, reminders and the final documents process, MFactor manages every detail to bring your vision to life.


Buying Power

MFactor aggressively negotiates on your behalf. We have built relationships with hotels, airlines, ground companies and various suppliers allowing us to get exactly what is needed for a successful meeting, providing you incredible deals and optimum value. 


Top Notch Customer Service

Technology is a critical step in the execution of your event. MFactor embraces technology, whether it is website registration, customer service, toll free telephone numbers for 24/7 connection or email service. The technology team will work with you to provide an effective user experience and powerful tools to manage your event.


Financially Responsible

The final reconciliation process should be executed precisely and accurately. MFactor stays on top of all expenditures throughout program planning and onsite execution. We meticulously manage billings; we do not let them manage us. Proactive budget oversight means we can question any expenses that don’t match anticipated spend, resolve issues long before the end of the program and continue to negotiate for better pricing which all result in a final bottom line number with no surprises!