Our creative team will collaborate with you in developing your ideas or designing an event that is unique. We partner with you to create a successful, memorable, and effective event marketing strategy.

Incentive trips are important motivational tools for companies. They say ‘thank you’ to your top performers in ways that can’t be expressed in words – or even dollars. Creating a memorable and motivating event is not about spending more money; it is about creating an enviable experience. From choosing the perfect location, to designing imaginative activities and events, MFactor’s goal is to utilize our knowledge, creativity and flawless execution to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. MFactor has a proven track record of creating compelling experiences, for any size company.

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MFactor understands that meetings are about conveying important information to your attendees and conducting critical business. But we also realize that if you create an environment that is comfortable and motivating, your content retention rate increases and return on investment dramatically improves.

MFactor specializes in putting together top-notch meeting solutions that provide an efficient and practical venue for communicating with your attendees. MFactor produces effective meetings by listening and working with you to understand your business goals and turn your vision into reality. MFactor treats each meeting as unique, focusing on every detail and individual requirement. Whether it is a sales kick-off, product training session or board meeting, each will be distinctly differentiated and highly effective.

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User conferences are perfect opportunities for attendees to learn about industry trends, solutions, products, services and plans for the future. The experts at MFactor are focused on producing high-quality, creative and impactful events. Between the sponsor and speaker management, technology capabilities and top notch production, our goal is to always exceed your expectations. From multiple-track breakouts, to keynotes, to networking functions, the team at MFactor will always go the extra mile to ensure that your attendees have the ultimate experience and that they leave your event excited to return the following year.

are designed to inspire resilience, encourage an integrated approach to employee health and well-being, and help facilitate a mindful environment within your company culture.
Empower your new and existing leaders to take care of themselves, their teams, your clients, and your company. Design the culture you want to cultivate every day in your office. Create an environment centered around well-being, health and wellness or integrate wellness into your existing program.


Don’t get left behind! 

MFactor has a passion for living our BEST life.
We love to produce amazing, once-in-a-lifetime programs, and we love to feel good!
We want our customers to follow our lead…

  • Increase productivity
  • Manage stress and minimize burnout
  • Optimize human resource investments
  • Cultivate healthy habits
  • Boost employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Create a corporate culture that is inspiring


Approximately 78% of workers view their job as stressful and it is projected that 75% of overall health care costs are attributed to preventable chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and stroke.