Driver’s licenses will no longer be an acceptable form of ID to show TSA in 8 states starting January 2018. Residents of Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington will need to use alternate forms of ID for both domestic and international travel when passing security checkpoints. State-issued IDs must meet the government’s minimum security standards determined by Homeland Security. The IDs of the mentioned states do not meet the requirements set in place by the REAL ID Act. Passports, military ID or a permanent resident card are all alternate forms of identification airport security will accept from the affected residents. Travelers who are not from the mentioned states will not be affected by the change in 2018, but by 2020 all travelers must have identification compliant with the REAL ID Act. Currently, only 24 states meet the program’s requirements while the remaining states have been given extensions to qualify. Check out the article here.