Here are some key tips from our Purchasing Director, Shaina.

Get Things in Writing!
The first and most important step in postponing is to not delay communication with the venue! DON’T DELAY! Even if you are not for sure if you are rescheduling or cancelling, always make sure you get available dates in writing, put your top choice on hold, and request an addendum. Make sure all of this communication is done via email rather than over the phone.

Keep Negotiations Going!
Once you receive the addendum for the new dates from the venue, read carefully! Make sure all dates, rooms, and other details are correct, and there are no cancellation fees for postponing. Most hotels are not charging clients to push business to the end of the year. If they are, keep negotiations going and GET MFACTOR INVOLVED TO ASSIST YOU.

Make Communication Positive!
This is a stressful time. On top of their own health and wellbeing, your attendees are wondering about the fate of your upcoming event. Keep communication positive when you announce the change! Make sure your attendees know you are postponing for their safety, and that you still want to CELEBRATE their success at a later time.