In our fast-paced corporate world, it’s more important than ever to integrate your team’s hard work with
a healthy heart, active body, and peace of mind.

are designed to inspire resilience, encourage an integrated approach to employee health and well-being, and help facilitate a mindful environment within your company culture.
  Empower your new and existing leaders to take care of themselves, their teams, your clients, and your company. Design the culture you want to cultivate every day in your office. Create an environment centered around well-being, health and wellness or integrate wellness into your existing program.

Don’t get left behind!
MFactor has a passion for living our BEST life. We love to produce amazing, once-in-a-lifetime programs, and we love to feel good! We want our customers to follow our lead…

Increase productivity
Manage stress and minimize burnout
Optimize human resource investments
Cultivate healthy habits
Boost employee engagement and job satisfaction
Create a corporate culture that is inspiring

Let MFactor build custom programs that work for you and your corporate culture.

Approximately 78% of workers view their job as stressful and it is projected that 75% of overall health care costs are attributed to preventable chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and stroke.