Wellness Meetings and Incentives

Wish to design a whole new program or put a spin on your already existing program? Let’s start to lean a little further into an event centered around your company’s greater success and your employees’ well-being!

Elements can be added to your program such as:

  • Meditation practice
  • Yoga experiences
  • Mindfulness and philosophy experiences
  • Interactive entertainment to get the group movin’
  • Specialty designed workshops tailored to your attendee’s lifestyle, including holistic approaches to health… you have to start somewhere
  • Lifestyle management experiences
  • Physiology, diet, exercise, interfacing with stress, self-care, productivity, awareness of self and others, misconceptions, and more
  • Seminars on the Do’s & Don’ts of nutrition, food preparation, interpersonal communication, and introspection
  • Personal training sessions

Allow MFactor to choose subject matter just for you! Let’s talk and custom build programs that work for you and your corporate culture.


Together we can!