You may say this when you have a deadline and your website and registration system is not cooperating, what is the solution?

For the past 14 years, MFactor Meetings has offered website and registration exclusively to our full service clients. We now support all of your event registration needs no matter what the capacity. Customize your website and/or registration services to fit your requirements with us!

Our new division Registration Rescue offers multiple tailored solutions for your program registration! Our pre-program and on-site registration support coupled with our 30+ years of experience will set the stage for an incredibly successful event.

Let us help you create easy-to-use online event registration websites and hands-on registration management services. Our solutions include but are not limited to:

Registration Rescue

MFactor utilizes the top event management registration platforms in the industry today. Combined with cutting-edge technology and expertise, MFactor offers event registration management service solutions for all types of events such as sales meetings, user conferences, incentive programs, road shows, customer events and much more!

Create a memorable attendee registration experience with a simple, flexible, hassle-free online registration process. We know how important first impressions are to us, so we created a team dedicated especially to solve your registration needs. We offer a wide multitude of registration options and pre-conference services. Our dedicated staff is expertly trained for on-site registration coordination and processing, training and managing temporary staff or volunteers, managing and coordinating of onsite materials and equipment, overseeing onsite badge production and check-in process, generating onsite reports, and just about any projects you throw our way.

You will save time, money, and frustration. MFactor’s “Registration Rescue” can take your programs to the next level.


Can we help you with your event registration?