MFactor’s clients are the reason we get up in the morning, the reason we go to work every day, the reason we work hard and the reason we continuously challenge ourselves to go above and beyond. As a full-service corporate meetings and incentives destination management company, you would expect nothing less than an exhibition team that handles everything from initial site selection, full registration management, onsite program operation to final reconciliation. MFactor builds a solid foundation for your event with unmatched experience, a true partnership focus and fiscal accountability.

We are forward thinking. We have the right people. We have the right skills. We have the right technologies.

The MFactor Advantage

Advantage #1       Our expertise—over 150 years of combined industry experience and “feet on the ground” know-how makes each program not just an event but an experience.

Advantage #2       Our staff is passionate about the work they do. We are always looking for the hottest new experience that will make each program better than the last.

Advantage #3       We have an innate ability to multi-task and think “big-picture” without losing sight of the smallest details.

Advantage #4       We drive ourselves to always stay two steps ahead, anticipate potential challenges and solve them before they arise.

Advantage #5       We bring fiscal acumen and have a full understanding of budget parameters. We are commitment to providing a “no surprises” fiscal process.

Advantage #6       Our technology and registration process is time-proven, flexible and easy- to-use yet ever changing with the times so we continually offer the best.

Advantage #7       Our creative approach is applied to every aspect of a program—every aspect from communications design such logos and event marketing planning logistics of menu selection, staging and problem solving.

Advantage #8       We have the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of your attendees and view the program through their eyes. We ensure everything from communications to ease of registration to onsite operation is effective, impactful, exciting and fun!

Advantage #9       We have a true sense of professionalism, expertise, a love for the event and a sense of humor!

Advantage #10     Our “personal touch” philosophy goes the extra mile to connect with the client, executives and attendees and we have a commitment to provide one-on-one attention.

And, of course…

“Impossible” is not part of our vocabulary!